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Everyone is different!

CPC Events, recognising differences and creating travel products to cater for these different niche markets is a key to success in the Cyprus travel industry.


While the purpose of a generic trip is often to visit new and pleasant places with a strong natural or cultural appeal, CPC Events - Special Interest Tourism,  allows you to focus on just one main theme among the infinite possible alternatives you have in Cyprus.


Special interest groups are more leisure or business travel focused, as opposed to Conference or Incentive based. 

They often involve an educational element and feature heavily on site visits – often to factories or environmental sites. This would tie in rather nicely with a convention, as there is a real element of specific and personal interest here. 

CPC DMC is ideal for this kind of events.  Often we have procured contracts with specific suppliers and through careful liaison can offer special priorities, such as access to private places and areas that aren’t open to the public.

Specialist Groups


Architecture, Archeology, Religion - Church, History,  Art, Botanic,  Diving, Football, Educational, Sports, Golf, Photography, Trekking, Mountain Climbing,  Wine Routes, Bird Watching - Will also research into other Special Interests of your choice.


Special Interest Tourism

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