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Destinantion Cyprus

Why Cyprus for

Conferences and Incentives

Attending a conference, seminar or professional training in the sun is one of the most motivating incentives for many delegates, and the CPC Events is uniquely placed to offer these services for inspiring and successful business events on Aphrodite’s beautiful island.
There are so many reasons as to why Cyprus is naturally conducive to a positive business outcome... The island has a climate that is particularly favourable in the Mediterranean part of the European Union (EU), with short and mild winters and abundant sunshine for more than 300 days annually. Combining a conference with the many outdoor activities the island offers is easy thanks to this fantastic weather, combined with the short travel distances that link all its regions quickly and efficiently.
As one of the world’s oldest civilisations – with a history of over 10,000 years – delegates can immerse themselves in a wealth of ancient culture, whilst also enjoying a welcome that is as warm as the sands of the many and varied coastal fronts. From delicious cuisine and traditional tavernas to elegant wine bars, and a world of options for relaxation and entertainment, business can be seamlessly combined with pleasure.
Hotel establishments across the island are equipped to hold business events with state-of-the-art conference facilities, and delegates can also opt for the luxury of staying at the same location as your event. Further venues for small conferences, gala dinners, themed nights or opening ceremonies can also be utilised, from purpose-built halls, to more unusual cultural settings such as Medieval castles and ancient amphitheatres.
And when it comes to added incentives, it is difficult to pick from the many wine routes, cruises, sporting activities, team-building pursuits, spa and wellness options and traditional, hands-on experiences available.
CPC Events as a professional DMC is here  to assist the organisation of business events in Cyprus from abroad and offers an attractive programme of grants, benefits and incentives, with perks such as complimentary giveaways and informative material, to airport Meet and Greet and hospitality vouchers, along with technical and financial support.
With hundreds of conference rooms and the capacity to seat thousands of delegates at business events and host them at hotels, Cyprus has the ability to create meetings with warmth and enthusiasm that will bring the drive for success back home to your business, and leave it with lasting – and motivational - memories of your time on the island.
The promise of an Incentive Break on a beautiful island - where the climate is glorious, the cuisine is delicious, and the activities are exciting - is something that will confidently motivate anyone.
Cyprus is blessed with all the factors to offer incentive training and breaks that inspire productivity and teamwork, thanks to its unique features and the experiences they present.
Whether it is a cruise across the deep blue Mediterranean - where the invigorating sea air promotes the flow of ideas; a round of golf with partners or prospective clients at one of the exclusive and naturally stunning courses, or simply the change of scenery and the allure of the sun, the island will bring out the best in your business, your staff and your associates.
The range of sporting and activity options is vast. Tennis courts, cycling, hiking, diving, skiing, fishing, jeep safaris and so much more can be enjoyed as a team effort. For a more relaxing alternative, a host of luxury spa resorts will evoke a sense of serenity that clears the mind and allows a new perspective. And for a bustling city experience, the different regions of the island are all varied in the type of entertainment they offer, from workshops and cultural sites to authentic dining with feasts that encourage the sharing of food – and proposals.
The traditions of the island and its unique culture are also conducive to motivation, with the opportunity to take part in the enriching daily activities of the locals, or find inspiration in the rugged natural landscape.
Further still, a large portfolio of organised tours and designated routes around the island take in wineries, nature trails, art, ancient legends, themed activities, traditional hands-on pastimes and a wealth of other stimulating, invigorating and motivating adventures.
With all the elements in place, CPC Events will prepare a tailor-made programme to suit your needs which can be created from the collection of original and creative ideas the island evokes… leaving a happy and appreciated team, eager to succeed.
Useful Information
The island’s capital city, Lefkosia (Nicosia) is located at the centre of the island and is a cosmopolitan mix of office blocks, pavement cafes, and modern shops. The headquarters of many of the island’s sports associations are located here.
The island’s major port, Lemesos (Limassol) successfully combines its roles as a tourist resort and a modern international business centre. Many of the island’s best hotels are here, while local sports and training facilities are numerous. 
This popular coastal resort also does double duty as a bustling working town. Home to the island’s major international airport, Larnaka is an effective base for further travel around the island.
Pafos is a lively place boasting an impressive line up of luxury hotels, golf courses and natural attractions. It is also home to the island’s second international airport.
Troodos Mountains
A cool escape from the heat of the summer or a skiing destination in winter, the Troodos mountains offer tracks, paths and trails for cycling, hiking and running. Athletes sometimes use Troodos for altitude training.
Agia Napa / Protaras
Agia Napa and Protaras are major holiday destinations with plenty of hotels and recreational facilities along with sports and fitness training venues. 
Villages The many villages dotted around the countryside often offer rural accommodation and are a great choice for those who enjoy running and cycling.
Fast Facts:
Local time is GMT + 2hrs, except during daylight saving timewhen it is GMT + 3hrs.
Banks & Currency:
Cyprus currency is the euro, which is divided into 100 cent. Banks accept and exchange all major currencies. Most restaurants, major shops, etc. accept credit cards.
Public banking hours:
Monday-Friday 08:30hrs to 13:30hrs
Shopping / Business Hours:
As an approximate guide, opening hours in Cyprus are 09:00hrs to 18:00hrs, with a one hour lunch break. In the hotter months (between mid-June and August 31) a siesta period (optional) comes into effect, Opening hours during this period are approximately 08:00hrs-13:00hrs and 16:00hrs-20:00hrs. Many shops close on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons throughout the year.
Post Offices:
Most post offices open from 08:00hrs to 13:00hrs, Mon-Fri. Main post offices also open from 15:00hrs-18:00hrs on weekdays and 09:00hrs-11:00hrs on Saturdays.
Electricity Supply:
220/240 Volts AC 50Hz. UK standard square pin sockets.
Cyprus mains tap water is safe to drink. Given the hot climate, it is important not to waste water.
Driving is on the left. Hire cars are widely available and are easily identified by their red number plates featuring a "Z" prefix. Drivers under 25 years of age holding a driving licence for less than 3 years at the time of rental, must inform the car rental company so that under-age insurance coverage is provided. Seat belts must be worn front and rear in cars. Helmets must be worn when riding motorcycles. Drinking and driving is punishable by law. 
International airports are located at Larnaka and Pafos. 
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