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Pafos (Paphos)  | Ancient Secrets Round Every Turn 

One moment you might be exploring the glorious rocky coastline, the next you could easily find yourself surrounded by an archaeological site filled with much historical intrigue. With so much magic in the air, it’s little wonder that Aphrodite is famed to have risen from the shores of the island’s west coast.
Visit Petra tou Romiou and you’ll get the chance to see the very spot where the Goddess of love and beauty was born. But don’t forget to sit back and take out your camera; it’s a sight worth capturing forever, especially when the sunset reflects a deep orange hue over the clear waters. 
With the whole town included on the official UNESCO list of cultural and world heritage, the Pafos Mosaics stand as the cream of the crop. Famed among the most beautiful in the world, each have their own tale to tell about the ancient Greek world and its myths. Then there’s the Tomb of the Kings, rooted in mystery and intrigue as they bring to life an arid landscape with well preserved age-old underground tombs and chambers. 
If you’re feeling peckish, be sure to sit down for a bite amidst a hub of activity at the old port and medieval castle. As for great beaches, Pafos certainly has its fair share providing a mix of hip and trendy hot spots complemented by more tranquil shores further afield.
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