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When transporting your group from the airport to the hotel and beyond,

CPC Events - Cyprus DMC double majors in efficiency and creativity.

Airport Transfers - "Meet and Assist"

Transferring guests to and from the airport involves much more than securing vehicles. There’s an art to it. CPC Events - Cyprus DMC has mastered the craft of designing cost-effective airport transportation plans that blend timely service and reliable baggage handling with the assurance of comfort and convenience for your guests.

Customized Signage - "Your Logo"

Signage identifies your company, reinforces your meeting or event messaging, greets guests and helps them find their way more easily. CPC Events - Cyprus DMC can help you anticipate where signage should be located and make sure it’s designed, produced and in place when your guests arrive, from the distinctive placards held up by CPC Events  - "Meet and Assist staff "at the airport to colorful posters welcoming guests to the host hotel.

Unique Transportation Solutions - "Old Timers and Classics"

CPC Events - Cyprus DMC has a flair for making every point-to-point journey part of the overall program experience. 

Incentive programs really reward when attendees have access from sporty convertibles to old timers and classics or even bicycles and sailing boats to an off-site dinner or during their stay. 


The backbone of every meeting, event and incentive program is its logistical aspect.

CPC Events excels on making the detailed coordination of logistical programs wonderfully organised and seamless.

Site Inspection & Venue Selection - Ask us for the Incentives offered to you!

Our CPC DMC experts know what’s new, what’s hot and what’s perfectly suited for your unique needs. Let us help you identify and evaluate the ideal Cyprus venue for your meeting, event or incentive program.

Program Design & Management

Just as an engineer does not build a bridge before designing it, a CPC Events Conference or Incentive programme should not be implemented without appropriate design and planning. The 25 years of experience in Cyprus destination management and know how helps us be creative, unique and always pay attention to the smallest detail.

VIP Coordination

High-profile individuals and executives require discreet attention, personalised service and VIP handling. CPC Events team cares for and supports their unique needs with reliability, responsiveness and professionalism.

Creative Gifts & Amenities

One of our favorite assignments is designing a gift/amenity plan that brings your program theme or business message to life at key touch points. In-room gifts, on-site custom fittings, local artisan masterpieces, keepsake awards and trophies—let us create the perfect commemorative item for your program.

Hospitality Services

Hospitality support services are the pulse of on-site guest communications. Whether provided at a centrally located Hospitality Desk or from an inviting, amenity-rich Hospitality Suite, our professionally attired staff is ready in a heartbeat—and with a smile—to assist with activity sign-ups and to offer in-the-know dining and local information.

Multilingual Staff

Our clients rely on CPCEvents -  DMC, to make their attendees feel secure and welcome. Therefore our motivated staff is multilingual and multicultural.

Online Registration

To manage your attendees’ participation in activities, hotel accommodation, their transportation needs or any other service or experience that requires advanced booking, CPC Events Information and Technology team, can provide a made to measure and user-friendly, online registration site that ensures efficiency, effective cost management and accurate on-site execution.


Jazz up your group’s destination experience with a tour or activity that showcases the locale and harmonizes with your program objectives.

Custom Excursions & Tours

CPC Events destination experts are well practiced at orchestrating engaging, interesting excursions and tours that will delight attendees with the Cyprus local charm and appeal to their special interests. 

Sports & Recreational Activities

World-class golf, off-road Jeep adventures, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding. Just name an interest, and we’ll run with it, creating a menu of activities that fits your budget, while thrilling and challenging your guests.

Team Building

 CPC's 25 Years of experience and know how, is the key when designing team-building events. First, tell us everything you can about your corporate objectives, program goals and attendee personalities, and then we’ll develop team building that maximizes effectiveness and dazzles participants. You’ll see why our team-building activities are often the most highly praised and talked about program elements on attendee satisfaction surveys in Cyprus.

Dine Around Programs

A great dining experience is the high note of any program, but local dining scenes can change from one day to the next. One of the many things CPC Events - DMC experts do well and stay current on restaurant trends, news and updates in Cyprus.  Count on CPC Events team to select restaurants that meet your budget range while providing pitch-perfect food and vibe.


As a result of our own comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility initiative carried out in this beautiful Island of Cyprus, CPC DMC has become the Cyprus Destination Management Company  of choice for companies looking to incorporate a CSR element into their meeting, event or incentive program. Whether it’s organising a hands-on activity like painting a house or assembling bicycles or finding a charitable beneficiary that aligns with your company’s culture or program theme, CPC Events will help design the perfect “giving back” experience for your group.


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